The New Covenant Victim and Mediator

The New Covenant Victim

It was customary to ratify covenants over a victim.
The covenant with Abraham, concerning his seed, and the possession of the land, was so ratified. (Gen. 15:8-18.) The Law Covenant was similarly ratified. (Ex. 24: 5-8.) The New Covenant must also be attested by the death of a victim, and it was so done. But as this was to be a better covenant than that of the Law, and was to be the means of doing away with sin and death, and of making the Abrahamic promise sure (Rom. 4:13-16, 22-25; 5: 1, 2; Heb. 9: 15), it must have a better sacrifice than that of the Law Covenant. Jesus was that victim or testator of the New Covenant; He died in order that the covenant might be valid and firm.

“16 Where for a covenant, death necessary to be produced of that having been appointed; 17 a covenant for over dead ones firm, since never it is strong when lives that having been appointed.” (Heb 9:16-17 Diaglot)

In the preceding chapter, we have seen the testimonies that Jesus’ sacrifice was the antitype of the bullock and the goat sacrifices offered on the Jewish Day of Atonement, as well as of the Passover Lamb.

His sacrifice was also the sole antitype of the “calves and goats” whose blood ratified the shadowy and typical Law Covenant (Heb. 9: 19; Matt. 26: 28; Mark 14: 24; Luke 22: 20; 1 Cor. 11:25), and, when “sprinkled” on him who desires to enter into a covenant with God (Ex. 24: 8; Heb. 9: 19, 20; 12: 24), it becomes the bond of union between God and the other party. It is a “surety” (Heb. 7: 22) to God on behalf of the man, in that it is at the same time a corresponding price for him. It is also a surety to the man on God’s behalf, because it is a corresponding price, and allows God to be the justifier of him who believes in Jesus, in respect of all sins and weaknesses traceable to the Adamic transgression.
— Rom. 3 : 22-20.

The New Covenant Mediator

Moses was mediator of the Law Covenant. Jesus is Mediator of the New Covenant. (Heb. 12 : 24.) As Moses was mediator in the simple or primary meaning of that word, viz., an internunciator, so is Jesus referred to as the “Messenger of the Covenant.” (Mal. 3 : 1.) Moses was mediator between God and a people who were entirely willing to enter into the Law Covenant.

Jesus is Mediator between God and those who, when the New Covenant for forgiveness of sins is proposed to them, and they realise it, are entirely willing to enter into it. Nothing is more obvious than that a covenant cannot be arranged between parties not disposed thereto. Moses did not personally communicate the message of his covenant to all the host of Israel, but to the elders of the people, who passed the word on to the others; and so that covenant was instituted by angels (messengers) in the hand (under the direction of) a mediator — Moses. (Gal. 3: 19.) Similarly, Jesus does not, in this age, and will not in the next, personally impart the message of the New Covenant to every individual of the race. He has sent forth His messengers, to speak in His Name on the subject. The message has been delivered to some during the Gospel age, and it will be delivered to the remainder of men during the Kingdom Age. — Luke 24: 47-49; 2 Cor. 5:18-6: 3 ; 3: 60 ; 1 Tim. 2: 5-7; Acts 13: 38-42; John 1 : 9.





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