The Law Covenant 3 Better Promises

The Law Covenant called for strict compliance with the letter of commandments that were external to the people, and contrary to their constitutional tendencies.
The better promise and provision of the New Covenant is that the law of God is to be written on the hearts and minds of its beneficiaries, so that, eventually, it will be part of their very being. The Law Covenant had no provision for mercy to be extended unto everlasting life to those who slipped on account of weakness of the flesh; the better promise of the New Covenant is that God will be

“merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins will I remember no more.”

Under the old covenant the people were only involved the more in death, and additionally condemned; the letter killed them. Under the New Covenant, their disposition and desire of heart to do right are acceptable, and by the processes of this Covenant their characters gradually become established in righteousness. The spirit gives life; and this is the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, which makes free from the law of sin and death. — 2 Cor. 3: 3, 6-8, 18; Heb 8: 8-12; 10: 16, 17; Rom. 7: 6, 10, 24; 8: 1-4.




The Abrahamic Covenant and Seed of Abraham

The Law Covenant 1 Messenger and Mediator Moses

The Law Covenant 2 Weak through the flesh



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