De doden – Waar zijn ze? 12 De dief aan het kruis

De dief aan het kruis In zijn stervensuur werd onze Verlosser verbonden met boosdoeners – “geteld met de overtreders.” (Jes. 53:12; Luk. 23:39-43.) Een van hen “tierde tegen Hem, zeggende: Indien Gij Christus zijt, verlos Uzelf en ons.” De ander was vriendelijker gezind. In plaats van tegen Jezus te vloeken, berispte hij de vloeker, terwijl […]

The Dead — Where Are They? 12 The Thief on the Cross

The Thief on the Cross In his dying hours our Redeemer was associated with malefactors — “numbered with the transgressors.” (Isa. 53:12; Luke 23:39-43.) One of these “railed on Him, saying, If Thou be Christ, save Thyself and us.” The other was more kindly disposed. Instead of railing against Jesus, he rebuked the railer, confessing […]

Written and translated by different men over thousands of years

Today there are still people in english speaking countries who claim the King James Bible to be the only true Bible. They do seem to forget that God did not require everybody to be able to speak and read English fluently. They also seem to forget that the original language God had chosen was Hebrew […]

Looking at notes of Samuel Ward and previous Bible translation efforts in English

Al over the world bible scholars are looking for treasures in the archives concerning religious events. An American scholar came all the way down to Great Britain to find what many hot see at the archive at the University of Cambridge. In an unassuming notebook, which dates from 1604 to 1608, Jeffrey Alan Miller, an assistant professor […]