The time of year we remember our many blessings

For centuries here at the continent, religious people recognised the Giver of Life as the Giver of everything.

For centuries, after the harvest had come in and everything was neatly stored in the stables, the people took time to thank Jehovah God for all the goods obtained and the fine work they could have done.

With modern technology, machines making work so much easier, from the 19th century onwards people started to become less and less interested in the Hand behind all the food they could store. We must admit in the 9th up to the 12th century the thanksgiving was not always to the right god. Lots of times in our regions other gods were thanked for than the Divine Creator, Jehovah God. In the 12th century, the Roman Catholic Church made sure that most people would forget about their nature gods and would come to worship their three-headed god. A new form of paganism was born with some heathen festivals, like the festival for the goddess of light (December 25), integrated in that with a lot of force, conquering religion.

Today a lot of people, since the second half of the 20th century, have found another god to worship and to thank for. With eagerness and greed, they look forward to Black Friday, their day of delicious self-indulgence with all kinds of presents.
That day has become much more important than Thanksgiving Day, which for many, today has just become a day to have some nice food and a lot of presents. The thanking of God has become something that many have forgotten.

It is not bad to remind others for a moment how God has provided us with all the grains and vegetables to get through the winter. As in the ancient times it would not be bad to come together again to celebrate those Gifts form the Lord. Though now in lockdown, it would not be wise to come together in one place, so let us celebrate Thanksgiving Day at our own house in our own bubble. And let it be a day of meditation, praising and saying thanks to God, for all the good that we receive from Him.


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