Retrieving some older articles previously placed on Multiply

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A few years back, on the MSN Groups I wrote some articles and responded to certain articles of others. Hereof there is nothing to find back. Even from the Messenger or Microsoft Life and MSN Spaces (Windows Live Spaces) there is nothing but from the subsequent transferee Multiply I did have some postings.

bijbelvorsers Multiply Welkomstpagina 2010 + 16 Nov. 16 16.01

What happened in 2011 in Norway may perhaps be forgotten by many and be considered old hat. Yet you about the next few weeks you may find something about it from my old Multiply article “Fundamentalisme en religie” = “Fundamentalism and religion.” Since 9/11 that fundamentalism has strongly come into the spotlight and can no longer knock away from the goggle. Especially the Islamic Jihad is daily hunted down our throats. But in doing so we must not forget that there are certain religious groups that also go beyond their booklet by wanting to impose on others certain things they believe in.

In earlier articles, placed on my Multiply site, we can see how others would be silenced. Fortunately they do not always manage to silence others who wanted to talk about their faith, as the preachers of the Word of Jehovah that are viewed obliquely in many countries. In the article “Victory for French JWs” > “Overwinning voor Franse Jehovah Getuigen” we see the consequences of non recognition by the state, and we know the difficulties that this “truth preachers” still frequently encounter.

A complete edition of the Talmud Bavli

Those Jehovah’s Witnesses frequently refer to Scriptures that are dismissed by most people as outdated books. But citizens should realize that those old books contain a lot of wisdom and give us a picture of what is yet to happen. Many people, who do call themselves Christians, often forget to consult the Book of books. However, the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, Jewish Talmud and Mishah or Mishnah (Jewish Law) repeatedly refer to Jesus of Nazareth, his ignominious death, and they tell us the story of the Chosen People of God, the retribution of the death and the possible salvation of mankind. Among others therefore I like to reinsert the article “Vertrouwelijke geschriften” = “Confidential writings” from 2011.

Bijbelvorsers Multiply Oct 2010 Blogpage Nov. 16 16.04In October 2010 the issued article “Naamsverandering voor het behoud van vrede” = “Changing the name of the preservation of peace” should certainly not fail in the list because the name change that many deemed brought a glare for the general population.
It may be strange how throughout history they wanted to distort and even remove two names out of the people’s memory. By the change of the name of the two figures or by placing their name by their tittle many people also became confused and the figures were taken one for the other. Until today, there are still a lot of Christians who regard the two different personalities as one and the same.
The mistaken identity and strange twists that theologians attributed to that person change and various doctrines imposed on the people, because those people otherwise would not understand this transformation anyway.

I do hope several readers can find some interesting reading material in this otherwise lost articles.


Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Plaatsing van oudere artikelen


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  • Illegal Brooklyn school prompts complaints from neighbors (
    The United Talmudic Academy is founded on the principles of the Talmud, the written collection of Jewish law and tradition which, among many messages it imparts, encourages consideration and kindness toward one’s neighbors.  A long and growing list of complaints against the school for boys indicates that its  consideration to its neighbors is heavily questioned.

    In multiple complaints filed with the New York City Department of Buildings against United Talmudic Academy, or UTA, the educational institution is listed as an illegal school.

    A recent complaint also shows that construction work has been done at the school at 2:00 a.m. on a Monday, while some neighbors were trying to sleep.  Currently, a stop work order is in effect at the facility at 25 Waverly Avenue.

  • 1239 (idea) (
  • Pope Gregory IX, under the influence of Jewish convert to Christianity Nicholas Donin, orders the burning of all copies of the Jewish Talmud in Christendom. After several years of rounding up the copies, more than 12,000 copies of the Talmud will be burned in Paris in 1242.
  • Opinion: We will let our congregations decide on gay union ceremonies (
    Masorti Judaism UK recently announced it will allow each member congregation to come to its own decision as to whether to offer shutafut, or partnership ceremonies, to gay couples.

    The question had been pending for some time, following the change in civil law to legalise gay marriage.
    For anyone who cares about human dignity and Jewish law and tradition, this is no easy question. For many people under 40 there is no issue about gay marriage; it’s a matter of basic justice. As someone over 50, my own views have evolved.

  • Rectifying a Bad Dream – Hatavas Chalom (
    The Rosh and the Shulchan Aruch both codify hatavas chalom as normative halachah. It is interesting to note, however, that both the Rif and the Rambam leave out this halachah entirely. If rectifying a dream is pikuach nefesh, then why would the Rif and Rambam leave out this important halachah?
  • Anti-Semitic Pastor Promoting New Film on Jews (
    An Ari­zona pas­tor with a his­tory of anti-Semitism has announced the upcom­ing release of a new “doc­u­men­tary” that will focus on the “his­tory of the Jews.”  Steve Ander­son, the pas­tor of Faith­ful Word Bap­tist Church, an inde­pen­dent Bap­tist church in Tempe, is co-producing the film “March­ing to Zion” with Paul Wit­ten­berger, a conspiracy-oriented film­maker from Los Angeles.

    Accord­ing to its mar­ket­ing copy, the upcom­ing film, dubbed “March­ing to Zion,” will cover a num­ber of sub­jects, rang­ing from “scrip­tural evi­dence that the Jews are no longer God’s cho­sen peo­ple” to claim­ing that “Judaism’s Mes­siah” is the Antichrist to the “blas­phe­mous teach­ings of the Tal­mud and Kabbalah.”

    Ander­son den­i­grates Judaism in a num­ber of clips on YouTube designed to pub­li­cize “March­ing to Zion.”  The titles betray their hate­ful nature, includ­ing: “The Jews are the Racists,” “Tak­ing Part in the Jews’ Evil Deeds,” “Jews are Antichrists,” and “Jew­ish Syn­a­gogue = Syn­a­gogue of Satan.” The film will also fea­ture Texe Marrs, a Texas-based pas­tor with a lengthy his­tory of anti-Semitism and con­spir­acy theories.

  • David Duke Show 2014.10.13 (
    Dr. David Duke and Dr. Patrick Slattery look into the amazing recent pronouncements of Israeli Shlomo Sand who reveals the truth about hyper Jewish racism in Israel and all over the world. He also writes about the Jewish tribal networking that powerfully influences media and governments in support of the Jewish racist agenda.
  • The Pious Ones: The World of Hasidim and Their Battles with America (
    In almost all of the battles described in this book, the Hasidim won. Its amazing what you can do when you combine high IQ, ethnic solidarity and high motivation.

    Chaim Amalek: “They won. But they won against a national culture that also let the Mexicans win, and the gays, and the South Asians, and everyone else whose central argument was “we are different, and therefore you must give way.” Had they been up against a more self confident culture, aware and protective of its prerogatives, likely some of these outcomes would have gone the other way.”

  • London Hasidic School Accused Of Hitting Students, Part 2 (
    …A separate Sunday Times investigation into private Hasidic schools has uncovered evidence that some schools are failing to safeguard children.

    Parents and former teachers say some schools have been slow to implement the 1999 ban on corporal punishment in independent schools, but this is denied by senior community members.

    However, an advisory document written in 2011 by Mendel Lowen, who taught for more than two decades at a north London Hasidic school, said that while teachers should make an effort to follow the law, hitting may be possible in some circumstances under current legislation.

    The document, circulated among teachers in the Hasidic community, states: “The advantage of hitting over other forms of punishment is that it results in full submission.

    “The modernisers’ arguments against hitting because it is dangerous are sheer nonsense. For the teachers are righteous and skilful, and injuries of pupils do not represent the smallest fraction of daily sports injuries every day.”

  • On the Question of Whether Jesus was a “Jew” – pt. 3 (
    Below is the third installment of Benjamin Freedman’s 1954 letter on the question of whether Jesus should be referred to or regarded as a “Jew.” If you haven’t read the first two parts, I strongly encourage you to do so.

    Part one is here and part two is here.

    In this third section of his letter to David Goldstein, Freedman jumps from what I have referred to as the “semantics” argument (exploring such questions as how the meanings of words change over time and how new words may suddenly come into being) into the vitally important arena of lineage and genealogy.

    The state of Israel today justifies its occupation of Palestine, and indeed bases its entire existence, on the widely-believed claim that today’s “Jews” are descended from the biblical Israelites. But as Freedman and others have shown, a large percentage of world Jewry today (Freedman puts the figure at 90 percent) originates not from the Israelites but the inhabitants of the former Khazar kingdom, a realm which arose in what is now southern Russia/Ukraine and whose national existence ran from roughly the first century until conquest and downfall came about in the eleventh century. Initially pagan religion was practiced, but later, at the behest of the Khazar king, who went by the title “Kagan,” the population underwent a mass conversion to Talmudic Judaism. It’s an extremely important history, though one which, despite being discussed in books by Shlomo Sand and others, remains largely unknown to the general public.

  • 10 Things You Never Knew About Jehovah’s Witnesses (
    The modern day Jehovah’s Witnesses (known most commonly for their door-to-door evangelizing work) have been around since the late 1800s. It was around that time that a Bible study group based in Pennsylvania began analyzing, comparing, and dissecting Biblical scripture only to arrive at conclusions not taught by the majority of mainstream Christian religions. This group used zealous proselytizing to spread their scriptural discoveries. They also used their hope for the future that they gathered from the Bible to spread their beliefs across the US. Eventually, they spread their message into many different countries. Though they are currently based in hundreds of lands around the globe, the general populace knows relatively little about this far-flung faith.
    Though we usually see them walking in pairs around the neighborhood or we have a believing co-worker or schoolmate, few know how international the religion has become in recent years. Active Jehovah’s Witnesses can currently be found in a claimed 239 lands around the globe.

    Known for their order and keeping accurate records, they keep close tabs on their progress as an organization. Their official website keeps statistics on their position and growth and regularly updates them. Currently, there are almost eight million active members worldwide in over 110,000 congregations. Needless to say, the Witnesses also take their preaching very seriously. With a goal of reaching as many people as possible with their message, their website has publications and information available on the spot in nearly 700 languages. Included in this figure are many sign languages from around the world as well as the languages of aboriginal tribes from the Amazon and North America.

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